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The Design/Build Concept:

SLM-AIA works in collaboration with competent experienced contractors to deliver quality design and construction management for your project.

In planning and executing a commercial or residential project, there are a myriad of details and processes to manage. The design-build process provides comprehensive, budget sensitive management for your project.

From project conception through construction completion, our goal is to deliver a quality, cost-effective solution to best suit your needs, your budget and your schedule.

Quality project delivery is a team responsibility. This is a distinct advantage of the integrated process delivery model.


Licensed professionals provide design services from schematic design through working drawings.  SLM-AIA designs are considered with an emphasis on technology, quality, sustainability and budget.

Whether you have a pre-conceived design or need a new design from scratch, our team will provide the services you need.


SLM-AIA will deliver your project in the most efficient, cost effective way possible with management of competitive bid or negotiated contracts with established, qualified and experienced contractors.

Because we area an integrated Architecture and Design-Build company, we will track building cost from the beginning schematic design phase through working drawings and into the competitive bidding process. 

Throughout to project delivery process we will balance project budget and project schedule to provide the client with a well informed basis on which to plan project development.

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